While our community keeps growing, we still have lovely private and shared rooms available.
Residents have easy access to outdoors patios and paseo, as well as to every fun activity we offer while enjoying plenty of privacy and relaxation time.

Rates range as follows:

Room Rates

Ranging between $4,495 and $9,250.
It includes:  24/7 Care, all meals and snacks, a full calendar of life enriching activities, Housekeeping,  Linen Service, Personal Laundry.  Rates vary depending on room size and level of care needed.

Community Fee: $4,000- due upon admission.

We have also designated a limited number of rooms for lower-income residents
for a discounted $4,650 (including Levels of Care), contingent upon availability and medical assessment. Community Fee is applicable (it can be parceled).

 Memory Care Fees / Levels of Care

Ranging from $2,500 (Tier 1) to $3,250 (Tier 4)
Memory Care Fees are contingent on the level of care which is determined by a personalized assessment and are due in addition to the room rate.  Level of Care Services include Health Monitoring and Supervision, Medication Management, Transfer Assistance, Bathing and Dressing Assistance, Escort Service, Grooming and Personal Hygiene Service, and Behavioral Management Services.

Respite Services

We can provide residential assistance on a short-term basis for respite.
The minimum stay is 7 days with a maximum of 30 days.
Respite care is contingent on room availability and care assessment.
The cost is $250 per day, with a $500 assessment fee.