Staff Highlight: Yesenia Gonzalez

Yesenia Gonzalez

Yesenia has been a beloved caregiver at Villa Alamar for over 19 years. Her 5 children practically grew up playing in our courtyard, visiting with our residents, and bringing joy to our seniors. Her son Alex, now 29, today assists our community with coordinating all construction and repair crews. Alex has the same sweet, caring way of addressing our residents for which Yesenia is known.

Yesenia is extremely dedicated to the well-being of our residents. She says she holds a special place in her heart for each one of them, and tries her best to fulfill their need for attention, love, and affection. She also says that she can relate to them, she sees herself in them, and hopes that one day, when she is the one who needs care, she will receive the same careful, loving attention that she now dedicates to Villa Alamar residents.

When not at work, Yesenia enjoys spending time with her 6 grandchildren, at the beach or at a local park. She also enjoys hiking in our mountain trails, end experiencing the local scenery.

An important member of our community, Yesenia well represents the spirit of caregiving with joy, dedication, and affection. We at Villa Alamar are extremely thankful for her many years of service to our residents.

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