Staff Highlight: Blanca Rojas

Blanca Rojas, Caregiver

Blanca has been an esteemed member of our staff since 2014. Although she perfected her caregiving skills taking courses in Memory Care and in Compassionate Communication at the Santa Barbara City College, it is her innate knack for caring that makes her an extraordinary assistant to our residents.

Blanca understands the emotional needs of a person affected with dementia or memory loss and dedicates herself into making sure that our residents feel protected and treasured.

She takes time to learn what makes each one of our residents content and works hard to make it happen. According to Blanca, “our residents deserve to be treated with the same affection and sensitivity” with which she once cared for her own small children. We couldn’t agree more!

Her 4 children are all grown up now and have children of their own, and Blanca still reserves her Sundays to spend with her family. She also understands the need for self-care, and when not attending to our residents at Villa Alamar she takes plenty of time to rest and exercise.

We all appreciate Blanca’s commitment to our residents and look forward to many more years of counting with her professionalism and caring heart.

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